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We provide digital recording, music programming, Mixing, Mastering and Duplication services at low cost. Our goal is to seek out and record all deserving artists regardless of their ability to pay. Although Marketing the CD will usually recover the cost of recording, many times the artist cannot come up with the required cash to get the project off the ground and sometimes the expected level of sales isn't achieved. Therefore we are now giving the public the opportunity to contribute toward helping those who cannot afford our low cost service.


  1. Deserving artist get to record their music.
  2. We promote music with positive messages that bring people together. We do not record music with hateful lyrics or music that puts other groups down.
  3. By contributing financially, you get to be a part of the process of making great music available to the public.
  4. So far weíve recorded 11 CDís for 9 various artists or groups. You can help add to this number.
  5. We have also made master CDís from cassette tapes and duplicated them for other artists. One was brought in by a family member for someone that was deceased. He just wanted something to remember his Grandpa that he could share with other family members.
  6. Your donation will help us provide similar services to others who may not have sufficient funds.
  7. We also assist with graphic design so CDís will have a professional Label and packaging when desired.
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Your Voice, Your Song, Your Music


Free gift with donation of $15.00 or more.

Choose from the following. You may select a second gift with a donation of $30.00 or more.
For each CD that we send, $5.00 of your donation goes directly to the Artists. The Balance of You donation will cover operating costs, production costs and the costs of producing deserving artists who have insufficient funds.
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I don't require a free gift and I would like to help out with my own amount.
Beth Jam

Beth Jam CD

This Jam session was recorded at Beth Emanuel Church in early 2012
Roy and Karen Atkins Front Cover

Roy and Karen Atkins

This beautify instrumental CD feature the fantastic recorder of Karen Atkins and the marvelous guitar work of Roy Atkins. Just released May 2012.
The Spirit and The Bride

The Spirit and The Bride

This first CD by Rev Delta McNeish contains all original material. It is easy listening, inspirational and uplifting.
We Wish You  Blessed Christmas

We Wish You Blessed Christmas

This CD contains Traditional Christmas Songs all arranged and sung by the amazingly talented Margaret Burggraaf


Just Released

Roy and Karen Atkins Front Cover
This beautify instrumental CD feature the fantastic recorder of Karen Atkins and the marvelous guitar work of Roy Atkins. This Husband and Wife team wanted a CD of their accomplishments that they could pass down to their children and friends. They have done their own renditions of traditional and popular songs and included one new song by a local song writer.

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Local Artists
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Local Churches, Organizations, Clubs, etc.

Check these listings to book your next act.

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The Heart of the system is our Yamaha "AW 4416"(130 recordable tracks, 16 playable at a time). We also have a Tascam DA 38 for 8 additional tracks and our ever faithful Korg X2 sequencer.This allows us to play back 24 audio tracks plus 16 sequencer tracks at one time. The fully automated "AW 4416" is capable of handling all of the mixing, mastering and CD burning.

The Korg X2 features 200 fully editable sounds plus the 128 standard Midi sounds. Besides the 8 standard Midi drum kits, 2 more can be designed to suit any need.

The Music We Record.

We record a variety of music styles. Our main theme is inspirational music. We prefer to record music that gives glory to our Creator and brings joy to our souls. Music that is uplifting and unites God's people. If you are a song writer, musician or singer that has simular goals, we would be glad to hear from you. Let us tell you what we can do for you at




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